Protect yourself during your hospital stay!

The app is a light and fun environment for patients and their companions and family members to be the protagonists of their care during the hospital stay.

Currently, up to 10% of hospitalizations present the possibility of a significant adverse event that could be avoided, following the recommendations of the 6 patient safety goals defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). Even with the steady performance of health teams so that risks are minimized, patient care is the responsibility of everyone around them!


We are always learning with you.

Use wherever hospital you are:

You participating in your care

Friendly interface

Easy to understand and full of advice


From its use, the Hospital can increase the Patient experience!

Our mission is to impact the health of patients by reducing adverse events.

We are align with the international movement for patient safety

Patient safety is the result of actions and protocols that even if it’s invisible to the patient, are in the daily routines of hospitals to avoid errors that might occur when we it comes to complex processes. Dr. Rafael is an ally to patient safety movement worldwide discussed by inspiring institutions: World Health Organization (WHO), Institute for HealthCare Improvement (IHI) and The Beryl Institute. Safety is at the heart of the Patient Experience. Come with us and be a participante of this movement! Download the app Dr. Rafael and contribute to the patient safety movement!


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“The smartest way to touch a billion lives. Incredible.

David Robinson
David Robinson

You taking part of your care!

Patricia Hofmeister
Patricia Hofmeister

Primeiro aplicativo de Saúde que ajuda o paciente a se cuidar e cuidar do seu tratamento quando hospitalizado !!! Muito interessante!!!💡💡💡

Sheila Vardanega
Sheila Vardanega

Excelente método para informar sobre o cuidado necessário.

Letiene Ferreira
Letiene Ferreira
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The name Dr. Rafael is inspired by the archangel Raphael, guardian of medicine, healing and sanitization.

Dr. Rafael acts as an advisor on patient safety, helping health staff, family members, caregivers, friends to put the patient at the center of care, prioritizing health and well-being. With all the support, the patient himself can also be an agent in the search for his best recovery.

Guided by ethics and transparency, looking at the patient at the center of care, Dr. Rafael assists the patient to empower themselves and also to take care of themselves through information with a light and fun interaction.

Reason of being

The patient at the center of care!


Improve the patient’s experience at hospitals.


An Easy and fun way for the patient to be protagonist at his/her own care.


You are a champion patient.

  • Goal 1: Identify patients correctly
  • Goal 2: Improve effective communication
  • Goal 3: Improve the safety of high-alert medications
  • Goal 4: Ensure Safe surgery
  • Goal 5: Reduce the risk of health care associated infections
  • Goal 6: Reduce the risk of patient harm resulting from falls
Goal 1: Identify patients correctlyGoal 2: Improve effective communicationGoal 3: Improve the safety of high-alert medicationsGoal 4: Ensure Safe surgeryGoal 5: Reduce the risk of health care associated infectionsGoal 6: Reduce the risk of patient harm resulting from falls
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