Since his training as a doctor in 1997, Dr. Luciano Vitola acts practices medicine, whether caring patients or acting as a professor or tutor of young doctors, according to the Hippocratic oath: “primun non nocere”, which means “First, do no harm”.

During his career, Dr. Vitola accumulates accomplishments regarding projects aimed at patient safety: in 2012, as part of the team that takes a big hospital in south of Brazil ( Hospital Santo Antônio da Santa Casa) to become the first pediatric hospital accredited in Brazil. With the commitment of attention and care with a focus on the patient, Dr. Vitola has been developing and managing patient safety protocols. In addition to that, Dr. Vitola acts in the implementation and improvement of clinical governance and managing all the doctor within all the Santa Casa de Misericórdia Hospital Complex of Porto Alegre.

Today, Dr. Vitola is currently a pediatric pulmonologist and a manager at the Santa Casa de Misericórdia complex in Porto Alegre. And Dr Vitola is also an intensivist physician at the Emergency Hospital of Porto Alegre.